VANCOUVER Mayor KENNEDY STEWART – “On housing, ANDREW SCHEER would move us backwards, and make housing less affordable. On transit, Scheer’s $18-billion cut to infrastructure would kill Skytrain service to the University of British Columbia. On opioids, he would draw us back into court while more people die.”TORONTO Mayor JOHN TORY – “There are shortcomings in the (Conservative) platform that are of concern to me.” Cutting federal spending by $18-billion over 15 years by spreading the Liberals’ 12-year infrastructure program over a longer period “is not in the best interests of TORONTO or other cities across the country.” ANDREW SCHEER’s Tories “haven’t said as much about housing as some of the other parties have.” As for the opioids: “Something that is saving lives in this city as we speak, hundreds of lives saved last year . . . anybody who tries to take it back in time will have a fight from me,” the mayor said.  Election Day is Monday, October 21/2019. Your vote is very important for Canadian cities. It takes no time at all to mark an X on the ballot.

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