Collector JOHN MALOOF’s donation to the University of Chicago Library consists of both black-and-white and colour, large and small prints. Some are processed; some not. They were made by a woman who struggled for money her whole life, and lost ownership of her work in 2007, two years before her death at the age of 83, when the contents of her storage locker were auctioned off. That’s when John Maloof came in.This 1956 photo provided by the Estate of Vivian Maier & John Maloof Collection shows a self-portrait of Maier in a series of mirrors at an unknown location. New research shows the enigmatic nanny was obsessive about honing her skills as a photographer starting in 1950.  LAURA LETINSKY, a visual arts professor at the University of Chicago said “This is a visual diary of sorts of her life. And because so little was known about her while she was alive . . . you’re trying to piece together what she was thinking about and how she was thinking.”ABOVE – A Vivian Maier photograph, printed by her or at her direction, part of the new University of Chicago Library donation by John Maloof. Unpublished work © 2017 The Estate of Vivian Maier. All rights reserved.Two in-depth stories by STEVE JOHNSON about VIVIAN MAIER, her work, and the JOHN MALOOF donation, were published in The Chicago Tribune this year. To reach it go to –

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