OZY is an American media company tailor-made for the Change Generation. Or, as one fan put it, “OZY is what cool people read to be smart and smart people read to be cool.” They’re saying now that TORONTO is wooing tech immigrants away from California’s Silicon Valley.The tech industry is growing rapidly in TORONTO’s city and region, as well as in WATERLOO & OTTAWA – so much so that in 2018 more tech jobs were created here than in San Francisco and most other North American cities. The population of software developers, engineers and programmers grew by 82,100 between 2012 and 2017, according to CBRE, the commercial real estate firm.Mentioned in the article – the MaRS Discovery District <ABOVE>; the Artificial Intelligence program at the University of Toronto, Donald Trump’s “buy American and hire American” policies; the mixed TORONTO population, which includes 51% born outside the country; and the new tech changes to Canada’s immigration policy.It’s worth a read if you’ve a mind to come up north –

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