There are over 30,000 historic photographs on the OLD TORONTO project’s website.  Created by the City of TORONTO Archives and Sidewalk Labs, this valuable research facility is very easy to use and well worth exploring.  The photos below illustrate day-to-day life of the city’s construction workers.  For more of the same go to –<A shoveller at work for Bell Canada, Temperance and Sheppard streets, 1923.  This site would soon become a new telephone exchange to house an automated system.><Hard to believe, but this was the site of Union Station on July 28, 1914.  Smoke gallore.  Construction was about to begin.><Thompson Welding and boiler industries at 169 Adelaide Street West, January 28, 1914><Laying concrete on Front Street at John, January 13, 1928.  Workers are watched over by “the suits” on the left.><Deconstruction site at 432 Bay Street, which seems to be adjacent to Shea’s Hippodrome, February 18, 1937>And to take the chill off, here’s a rare photograph of movie star MARY PICKFORD in front of her birth place home, 211 University Avenue – an address now occupied by TORONTO’s Hospital For Sick Children. Ms. Pickford’s photo was taken on March 23, 1924.

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