Like all big towns TORONTO has some not-so-tall tales to share about the buildings, people, events and curiosities set here in Canada’s largest city.A BAY STREET legend – in the late 1700’s Mr. JUSTICE BOULTON’s horses chased a wild bear into the harbour. The street began as Bear Street, later corrupted to Bay Street. Being the principal thoroughfare in the Financial District, it’s bears and bulls yet again.Toronto’s last hanging took place at the DON JAIL on December 11, 1962. Ronald Turpin & Arthur Lucas were tied back-to-back, hooded, and then hanged. Turpin had killed a police constable, and Lucas was a hit man who murdered a witness in an American drug trial and a bystander.The ROYAL BANK twin towers on Bay Street were built in the 1970’s. All of their windows were coated with 14,000 pieces of 24-karat gold glass. The gold makes the tower shimmer in the sun and provides excellent insulation, reducing heating bills.The HOCKEY HALL OF FAME may have a ghost in it. There’ve been rumours of flickering lights, hands on shoulders, moving chairs and other occurrences in the former Bank of Montreal building. A young teller named DOROTHY, mysteriously died there in 1953.

‘SWEET WILLIAM EUSTACE, part of the original construction team of the iconic CN Tower, parachuted down 465 metres (1526 feet) from the tower’s deck to the ground, and survived. When he landed, he was immediately fired. <PHOTO – Toronto Star Archives>

FRONT ENTRANCE OF THE HARRISON POOL – Canada’s first public municipal swimming pool, opened in 1909 and is still operating on Stephanie Street. Few houses in a nearby slum district – The Ward – had indoor plumbing, which made this bath house essential. <The Varsity>

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