Once a separate village, annexed by TORONTO in 1883, YORKVILLE is one of the city’s ritziest neighbourhoods – which isn’t entirely good. The money-making potential of properties in the village is coveted by developers, and lately they’ve begun some serious nibbling around the edges.

YORKVILLE is home to some of TORONTO’s most expensive condominiums, starting at over a million dollars and ascending from there. Two subway stations are nearby, Canada’s largest museum is around the corner, and up-scale Bloor Street West’s shopping is next door. Brand names from Bloor have been spilling over into Yorkville for some time now.  <ABOVE – taking in the scene at Bloor and Bay Streets>

<ABOVE – the Royal Ontario Museum is having some work done.>

<ABOVE – almost finished a new condominium tower at Cumberland and Avenue Road>  FORTUNATELY though, much of Old Yorkville remains – for now anyway. It’s a truly beautiful neighbourhood, perfect for pedestrians and urban explorers.  The construction cranes aren’t yet everywhere.  May it ever be so.

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