<The site under construction. Photo courtesy ASTOUND>  LGA Architectural Partners have designed a two-block, 2.4-acre site on city-owned land at Bathurst and Front Streets. TORONTO is planning to eventually turn the space into a public park, but for now it’s pop-up shops, food and beverage vendors & an onsite brewery, mixed in with courtyards, pedestrian paths, and open spaces for community programming and events.

STACKT’s physical structure can be picked up and moved elsewhere – in a different configuration – at a future date. That’s the genius behind the project, leaving the site unscathed.

<A one-container retail unit. Photo courtesy ASTOUND design-buildTo quote JANNA LEVITT at LGA Architectural Partners “Retailers are looking for unique physical spaces and experiential opportunities for their customers. Shipping containers suggest an unusual and immersive retail experience while also offering a practical and sustainable building solution.” – CANADIAN ARCHITECT<Belgian Moon brewery anchors the site. Photo courtesy Pomp & Circumstance>

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