<The site under construction. Photo courtesy ASTOUND>

LGA Architectural Partners have designed a two-block, 2.4-acre site on city-owned land at Bathurst and Front Streets. TORONTO is planning to eventually turn the space into a public park, but for now it’s pop-up shops, food and beverage vendors & an onsite brewery, mixed in with courtyards, pedestrian paths, and open spaces for community programming and events.

STACKT’s physical structure can be picked up and moved elsewhere – in a different configuration – at a future date. That’s the genius behind the project, leaving the site unscathed.

<A one-container retail unit. Photo courtesy ASTOUND design-build>

JANNA LEVITT, Partner at LGA Architectural Partners – “Retailers are looking for unique physical spaces and experiential opportunities for their customers. Shipping containers suggest an unusual and immersive retail experience while also offering a practical and sustainable building solution.” – CANADIAN ARCHITECT

<Belgian Moon brewery anchors the site. Photo courtesy Pomp & Circumstance>


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