From the NETFLIX MEDIA CENTER, February 20/2019 – “At CINESPACE Studios, Netflix will lease four sound stages, along with office and support space totaling approximately 164,000 square feet. At PINEWOOD TORONTO Studios, Netflix will also lease four sound stages and adjacent office space comprising a total footprint of approximately 84,580 square feet.”

“Both sites will support upcoming Netflix series and films, including the horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight, the film Let It Snow and others, which will provide production jobs for up to 1,850 Canadians per year.”

“NETFLIX has produced many series and films in Canada starting in 2012 with the horror series Hemlock Grove (Toronto), and including Christmas Inheritance (Northern Ontario); The Holiday Calendar (Northern Ontario), In The Tall Grass (multiple locations in Ontario); Shadow of the Moon (Toronto), Polar (Toronto); I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (Ottawa) and The Christmas Chronicles (Toronto).  “Current series filming in Canada include V-Wars (Northern Ontario) and October Faction (Toronto).”

Other Canadian cities that have benefited greatly from NETFLIX – Vancouver (extra greatly) & the province of British Columbia, Winnipeg, Calgary and Montreal. The company has worked with Canadian production partners to co-produce series for global audiences including Anne with an E (CBC), Travelers (Showcase), Frontier (Discovery Canada) and the limited series Alias Grace (CBC).”

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