<Getting there – the UP Express connects downtown TORONTO with the airport.  There’s a train every 25 minutes from Union Station, and vice versa from Terminal 1.Oftentimes travelers are under too much pressure to take in Pearson’s art and sculpture collection. Throughout Terminals 1 and 3 there are examples of work by artists from Canada and elsewhere.

<One of three Inuksuit outside the terminals>

<‘Skin of Flight’ by Dereck Revington, Domestic Departures, Terminal 3><‘As One’ by Jaume Plensal, International Baggage Hall, Terminal 1><Sculpture by Richard Serra, Terminal 1><Textiles by Tazeen Oayyum, 2013, Terminal 1><Consecutive Bands, Sol Lewitt, 2003, Terminal 1><Holding more than 18,000 litres of water, this massive tank filled with little cubes was designed by Germany’s INGO MAURER. It’s part of Pearson’s permanent collection.>

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