ONTARIO PLACE opened in 1971 as TORONTO’s way of importing some of MONTREAL’s Expo67 magic. Pods, bridges, Cinesphere – the first IMAX cinema anywhere, patio restaurants, water slides, swan boats, concerts at the Forum . . . it was nearly all free.

These days things are looking more than a bit rundown. Some locals see demolition in the future of ONTARIO PLACE, and believe there’s a good chance a casino is in the works. After all this is the primest of prime lakefront development property.  DOUG FORD’s recently appointed chair of ONTARIO PLACE is all for demolition. “It’s disgraceful,” he says. “Everything is in complete disrepair, there is nothing that can be saved. It can be rebuilt in any way that Ford wants it to be rebuilt.” (Whatever it is, you can be sure it won’t be free.)

With the Goths at the gate, here’s a look at ONTARIO PLACE in the golden years of 1970 through the 90’s. Photos are from the City of Toronto Archives.

AND WHAT OF THE FUTURE?  We can only wait and see.

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