He’s one of Canada’s best-known landscape architects, and his work can be found across Ontario, Quebec, and recently Chicago and Houston. A graduate of the University of TORONTO, Guelph and Harvard universities, Claude Cormier now has 50 different projects under way, including another TORONTO creation featuring 20 cast-iron cats. It will be part of a massive redevelopment on Front Street West at Spadina Avenue called The Well<PHOTO ABOVE> Smiley, is named for a blind golden retriever that worked in the St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog program in TORONTO.

‘The Secret to a Great Urban Space’ is a fascinating story by JASON McBRIDE <@jasonmcbride68>; photos by JAIME HOGGE at in the University of Toronto Magazine. It’s well worth taking the time to read about this Canadian landscape architect’s methods and philosophy.

As for the dog fountain – “We did our research and found dogs everywhere in art history,” Cormier says. “It goes back 5,000 years!”  You’ll find the complete story here –

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