It seems that everywhere you go in TORONTO street artists have been at work. The city is now home to some of the best murals and public art in laneways, streets and parks – (if you don’t mind my saying) anywhere.

<‘HOME’ by Sean Martindale & Joshua Barndt, 251 Ranee Avenue, created in 2012To help find many of these art works & to discourage tagging, StreetARToronto (StART) & Civic Hall Toronto have created an easy-to-use online map. The current database is focused on work painted from 2012 to 2018.

<By Shayone Panth, Danforth Avenue at Paramount Road, 2012><By Dan Bergeron and Paul Aloisi, 550 Bayview Avenue, 2012>

<By Community Centre 55, GRIP Crew, 147 Lee Avenue, 2018>

<BELL utility box, by Andre Kan, Torresdale Avenue at Finch Av. West, 2015In addition to identifying the artist & organizations responsible, the database includes stories and themes behind each unique piece of art. Individually and collectively these murals were designed to celebrate TORONTO’s motto “Diversity Our Strength”.

<By Aisha Ali, Purdon Drive @ Wilmington Avenue, 2015Additional filters will be installed and the growing database will be updated regularly to add more artwork, so check back often!  To learn more –   . . . . .  StreetARToronto – The Map!

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