<The image above, was taken from atop the Canadian Pacific Railroad Bridge, looking toward Shaftesbury Avenue along Yonge in the Summerhill neighborhood. Along both sides – a strip of Rosedale shops. The Rosedale Hotel sign is on the far right – and that was the clue.>

<This photo is closer to Shaftesbury Avenue, looking south toward the Canadian Pacific Railroad Bridge fading in the distance. The bridge is still there and so are some of the buildings. Again the Rosedale Hotel sign shows up – on the left.>

<ABOVE – the last run of a streetcar on Yonge was the day the subway opened.  That’s it passing through Davisville . . . PHOTOS – City of TORONTO Archives/Sidewalk Labs>The CP Railroad Bridge, still in use by freight trains, accommodates Summerhill’s blue Christmas tree annually.  The clock tower on the left and the building below, formerly a train station, is now an up-scale LCBO liquor store.

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