<Surface parking lot, 3933 Keele Street; photo – MARK RICHARDSONDOWNTOWN TORONTO has very few surface parking lots, but that’s not the case in the inner and outer suburbs. There are at least eleven city-owned parking lots under consideration near transit hubs, which might become development sites.  Needless to say, there’ll be blowback to the Mayor’s Housing Now Initiative from drivers and some city councillors.

<ABOVE – one of three commuter parking lots at WILSON subway station has been declared surplus by the city, and might become an affordable housing development site – Google Maps/CBC>

Housing advocate MARK RICHARDSON “There have been councillors in the past who’ve pushed back against the closing of these parking lots. But they’re literally on top of transit stations, where dense housing needs to go.” <PHOTO – Martin Trainer, CBC News>  Mr. RICHARDSON has launched a website with a map and photos of underused parking lots that might qualify for the Mayor’s plan. Check out the map at this address –

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