Unique because it doesn’t have a theatre building, pays its artists and staff better than most, sustains a culture of equity and inclusion, travels outside of TORONTO, and in 2018 managed to raise about $2-million. It’s become the third biggest-budget not-for-profit theatre in the city after Soulpepper and Canadian Stage. – J. Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail

<PHOTO by Galit Rodan, Globe and Mail – left to right – OWAIS LIGHTWALA; RAVI JAIN; KELLY READManaging Director OWAIS LIGHTWALA comments“Running a venue and the skills required to do that – and the business capacity to do that – is a very different thing from the work of making artistic products that are good and compelling.  “It would be absurd if Steven Spielberg was expected to also be a good operator of Cineplex cinemas.”

For information on the WHY NOT THEATRE Company, and their plans for the coming year, why not go to

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