Built by Casavant Frères of Quebec in 1930, the organ has a tonal palette that places it among the finest recital instruments in the country.  To play it, you need to be an athlete of the first order. The console has five manual keyboards, and a sixth is made by the foot pedals. The pipes range in length from very short, less than an inch tall, to very long – up to 32 feet. Most are mounted at the front of the church.

The instrument was installed in TORONTO’s Metropolitan United Church in 1929-30, two years after a raging fire turned much of the church into an “icebound skeleton”.

Every Thursday at noon, the Met offers a musical recital and usually it’s an organ recital, 12:15 to 12:45 pm. After regular Sunday services visitors can sit up front under the pipes and listen to the organ postludes. A docent will explain just how the organ works. For more information –  Instagram photo of the exterior by barbara_cifra (INK361) & info contributed by Contance Dilley,


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