<PHOTO – Elena Zukova, University of California/San Francisco>

One of Canadians’ biggest concerns about marijuana’s forthcoming legality is an irresponsible someone getting behind the wheel of a car while high. As well, by October 1st only 833 police officers have become drug recognition experts – after completing an international program. That’s 2.3 for every 100,000 residents, well below the recommended 6 per 100,000.

The training – a 10-day, 12-step evaluation course – assesses a driver’s psychomotor abilities similar to the field sobriety test. It includes the driver’s blood pressure and temperature ratings. This is followed by a 3 or 4-day program in JACKSONVILLE, Florida, where there’s a ready supply of drug-dependent individuals of all kinds. A urine sample of each subject is taken and then analyzed to finish the course.

<“MERGING LEGALIZED POT adds danger to the roads”, editorial cartoon by GRAEME MACKAY, Hamilton Spectator, October 10/2018>

RCMP Sgt. RAY MOOS is in charge of the training. He says “The course really assesses how drugs affect human physiology. Officers have to be competent with knowing a lot of different drugs and what category they fall under. And how those drugs affect the body.”  <PHOTO – Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star>

For better or for worse, Canada turns the pot-smoking corner on Wednesday, October 17th.


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