“Making it there” is becoming more and more difficult if you’re a New York gallery owner or an artist looking for studio space. In T-Magazine this past weekend, the New York Times presented some sobering rental tales in a story by JOHN CHIAVERINA entitled ‘No Place For An Artist”. – TORONTO take note.

<Gallerist ELLIE RINES in the back room of her New York City gallery/studio. Credit Sean Donnola>  One example “ELLIE RINES previously ran (a small) gallery which was located in an elevator shaft in the meatpacking district. She paid $1,500 a month, but was abruptly kicked out when the building was purchased by Restoration Hardware to make room for a boutique hotel. . . She now pays $3,350 a month for (a gallery/apartment) . . . where she uses her shower as an improvised storage unit.”

There is an obvious solution to the problems contemporary New York presents: LEAVE. That’s what many artists are doing – to Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, etc.  The T-MAGAZINE article –

Much the same has been happening in TORONTO. For example, this building on Dufferin Street was recently demolished. It provided studio space for a number of artists, and finding something similar near the city centre is a real challenge. Some of them might soon be moving to HAMILTON.

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