America’s CBS (the Columbia Broadcasting System) has decided to build a 260,0000 square-foot production centre near Pearson International Airport in MISSISSAUGA. The hub will include six sound stages, production offices and other support facilities.

CBS currently produces 63 series, including Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Hawaii Five-0,The Good Fight and The Late Late Show with James Corden. It shoots Star Trek: Discovery and In the Dark in TORONTO, but has several other productions in CANADA, including one for the reboot of Charmed.

The Mayor of Mississauga, BONNIE CROMBIE, says the studio will be the first of its kind in her city “and a major investment for this industry. I ’m proud that our months of hard work to secure this investment has finally paid off.”  DAVID STAPF, president of CBS Television Studios, said in a statement – “The TORONTO area specifically has provided our series with diverse and appealing locations as well as production infrastructure and craft expertise that cannot easily be found.”

With expansion announcements this year from PINEWOOD Studios, CINESPACE and MARKHAM MOVIELAND — which will feature the continent’s largest sound stage — TORONTO can truly promote itself as Hollywood North.

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