As of July 7/2018 . . .

European Union warns that US tariffs on EU cars & car parts could result in $300-billion in retaliatory EU tariffs
Trump has threatened a 20% tariff on all European auto parts, Mercedes Benz & other cars
Markets tumble as Trump claims Europe is as bad as China on trade
Missouri’s Mid-Continent, manufacturer of nails, has laid off 60 workers; warns Trump’s tariffs could destroy the industry
Factory output in Europe and Asia is slowing down
25% on foreign steel entering the US in effect from June 21
10% on foreign aluminum entering the US in effect from June 21
US steel companies have now jacked up their prices
European Union has now imposed $US3.3-billion in trade tariffs against American goods entering the Zone, a market of 500-million
EU tariffs of 25% are on Harley Davidson motorcycles, Levis jeans, bourbon, orange juice, cranberries, peanut butter, Tennessee whiskey, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, mascara, other eye makeup products, motorboats, yachts, steel, 10% on playing cards
Harley-Davidson is shifting some motorcycle production to Europe; European sales in 2017 – 40,000 bikes
Trump’s taxes on imported solar power products will cost 23,000 US jobs in 2018
July 6th was the date China and the US began their trade war
25% tariff on an estimated $50-billion of Chinese goods entering the US
25% tariff on an estimated $50-billion of US goods entering China
Trump threatens a further 10% tariff on $200-billion in Chinese goods entering the US – up to $500-billion
Beijing warns Trump that these tariffs could cancel Chinese co-operation on North Korea
Mexico has targeted $3-billion in pork products, steel, motorboats, whiskey, aluminum, cheese products, Californian agricultural products, apples and potatoes at 20-25%
Trump plans to bar Chinese companies from investing in US technology – Wall St. Journal
51 US trade groups including Amazon, Walmart & General Motors warn Trump of tariff consequences
Estimates from the nonprofit Tax Foundation – US GDP would drop by $110-billion; a net decrease of 314,479 jobs
US Chamber of Commerce says 2.6-million US jobs are at risk (1.8-million in 2018)

Canada has levied $16.6-billion in tariffs ($12.6-billion in US dollars) on 250 US-made goods as of July 1st
Canada buys $24-billion worth of US agricultural products annually – for the record
US auto tariffs, if they’re enforced, could cost Canada up to 160,000 jobs – TD Bank
49% of Ontario’s economic output is linked to US trade – National Bank Financial
Trump’s tariffs on Canadian lumber are pricing Americans out of the US housing market
Canada exported $7-billion of steel to the US in 2017
The US exported $7-9—billion of steel to Canada in 2017
US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, says Canada is not a national security threat
US Commerce Secretary says America does not have a trade deficit with Canada on steel
Wilbur Ross says China is using countries like Canada to mask export shipping
Canada is considering a tariff & an import limit on steel from certain countries such as China
Trump belittled Canada’s prime minister and our national anthem while in South Carolina.  Very not nice.


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