<Building Leslie Barns, ca2015, by TOM TARDIF / Azimuth Geomatics & TTC>. LESLIE BARNS occupies a large piece of property at the corner of Leslie Street and Lakeshore Boulevard. It was built to service and house 100 of the TTC’s fleet of 204 Flexity Outlook LRT vehicles – otherwise known as TORONTO’s new streetcars. If necessary, Leslie Barns can handle a total of 264 Flexitys.

Unlike the older streetcars, the Flexitys have their equipment on the roof, and need a shop layout that can deal with this.

Leslie Barns occupies 26,000 square metres (6.4 acres); indoor bays for 30 Flexitys; room in the yard for another 100; 5.2 miles (8.3 kilometres) of track on the property. About 200 TTC maintenance and operations personnel work in the buildings. The facility has been operating since November 22, 2015. It opened officially the following year.

To celebrate both the Leslie Barns and the Cherry Street Flexity streetcar line, the TTC produced a campaign with the National Ballet of Canada. In a YouTube video Principal Dancer NAOYA EBE visits the TTC’s newest and most modern facility.

  For complete details on the Leslie Barns and how they were built go to

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