Lumiere Press in TORONTO’s Parkdale has turned out a select group of handmade photography books since 1986. “I decided I wanted a life of the mind and a life in the arts,” MICHAEL TOROSIAN told the Globe and Mail. “And if that meant sacrifices in terms of materialism, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.”

Just published – ‘The Ballad of Soames Bantry’. hard-bound and hand-crafted, an elegant celebration of the late American photographer SAUL LEITER. <© Saul Leiter Foundation. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC.>. “I guess it’s like someone who makes violins or something: There might be monetary incentive to turn out 100 violins a year, but if you can only really do 18 credibly, then you’d better stick to the 18.”

<PHOTO ABOVE – by Bernard Weill, October 17/2015 captures an overview of the Lumiere shop with a fisheye lens>

Torosian’s limited-edition books are marketed as works of art and are in the collections of at least 150 museums. “Everything is bespoke. Nothing is off the rack.” The books are unique and so are the prices.

For more about Michael Torosian’s printing & binding process (1950’s lead typecasting machine & hand binding), check out this documentary from YouTube –

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