<Micke, who was rescued after he was abandoned as a puppy in the Dominican Republic>. TORONTO’s ‘NOW Magazine’ has assembled a multi-page story about rescue dogs – among them survivors of Hurricane Harvey in HOUSTON last August. Animal shelters in that city were overwhelmed, and dogs were left swimming in flooded streets and fending for themselves. There were reports of mass euthanasia.  PHOTOS BY Samuel Engelking

<Redemption Paws’ founder Nicole Simone with former Houstonians IRWIN & CHARLIE.>. To help out NICOLE SIMONE arranged for a van to go to Houston and bring back 10 dogs to TORONTO. Her GoFundMe campaign went viral and Nicole raised enough money to make four trips to Texas. Since early September, over 120 hurricane dogs have found homes here through her rescue organization, ‘Redemption Paws’.

<Kyle Swanson adopted his husky puppy, OTIS, from Team Dog Rescue. Otis’s parents were rescued from Syria during the conflict.>

<Jen Brailsford adopted her rescue dog, POND, three years ago.  Among the other dog rescue organizations in TORONTO – Save Our Scruff (SOS), one of the city’s biggest, founded in 2014 by 29-year-old LAURA BYE.  The oeganization relies heavily on Instagram and Facebook to share photos of available dogs – . . . TEAM Dog Rescue founded in 2012, . . . Redemption Paws – . . .  Read the story at

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