This is quite an achievement. An awesome collection of historic photos of TORONTO is now at your fingertips after great efforts by the City of Toronto Archives & Google’s Sidewalk Labs.

<View of Dundas Street East looking west from Victoria Street, May 25, 1977>. An invaluable research facility, Old Toronto describes each photo in one or two sentences, its date of creation, physical description (size, b/w or colour, etc.), archival citation (where it is in the Archive), and access conditions (i.e. whether there’s copyright or not).

<Exterior of new brick building of Orr Brothers billiard academy, 40 Richmond Street East, with Humphrey gas arc light hanging outside, ca1913>. The site was built by members of the engineering team at Sidewalk Labs. The project was led by Senior Software Engineer Dan Vanderkam (creator of OldNYC and OldSF) and Associate Product Manager Matt Breuer. Several members of the City of Toronto Archives staff provided critical guidance.

<Seaton House play, “Healing of the Blind Knight”, May 4, 1933>

<Front Street west of Simcoe Street, November 6, 1920>

<Slum interior, occupied – 161 York Street, January 20, 1911>

The easy-to-use format will pull you in, and before long Old Toronto will live once again. The address – https://oldtoronto.sidewalklabs.com/.  For information on how the site was created and the tools used to construct it go to https://oldtoronto.sidewalklabs.com/about.html

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