‘Parkdale, Queen Street West’, BRIAN HARVEY, 2010

‘Eaton Centre Excavation’ WALTER J. COUCILL, 1975, a time when the downtown core was being transformed.

‘Brushstrokes on Dundas Street’, MICHEL BINETTE, 1979

‘Waiting for a Bargain’, outside Honest Ed’s department store, RAJKA KUPESIC, 1983 – “Circus lights shout Honest Ed over and over, three stories high and two blocks long, a legend built of tiny bulbs that burn all night in buy-buy-binary code.” – John Oughton, “Edville”

‘Sadie’s Diner’, GEORGE BOYER, 2013, Sadie’s Diner was a popular restaurant at Portland and Adelaide Street West. Closed in 2009.

‘Bloor Street West’, CARLOS MARCHIORI, 1976

‘Yonge Street Subway’, excavation by shovel, 1949, ABA BAYEFSKY (1923-2001), pen, ink and grey wash

ALBERT FRANCK (1899-1973), a Dutch emigrant, arrived in Canada in 1926. His subject – the city’s old brick homes and snowy laneways.

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