When it comes to public transit TORONTO is playing catch-up with other major cities and METROLINX is leading the charge.

After a second round of study the provincial agency has recommended the construction of 12 new stations for GO’s regional express rail program (the RER).  Metrolinx estimates the new stops will cost a total of $2.1-billion, but deliver benefits of $6.7-billion over a 60-year period. Six of the stations will be part of Mayor JOHN TORY’s SmartTrack plan.

Metrolinx is presently involved in turning historic Union Station into a major transit hub for the GO suburban network, VIA Rail Canada, the TTC and Amtrak. Expected completion date: 2025.

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT, with 25 stations, is well underway and will link up with 54 bus routes, 3 TTC subway stations, the UP Airport Express and the Kitchener, Barrie and Stouffville GO lines. Expected completion date: 2021.

The Finch Avenue West LRT line will connect northwest TORONTO to the subway and transit services from exurban Peel and York regions. Completion date: 2022.

For more info on Metrolinx & what it’s up to

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