TORONTO’s gift to the world of classical music – GLENN GOULD – died nine days after his 50th birthday on October 4, 1982. He’d stopped playing concerts in 1964, and spent much of his time taping in a recording studio.

Tapes of four studio sessions were recently released by Sony Classical – ‘Treasures for the Taking’, said the New York Times. Only 22 at the time, Gould worked tirelessly creating his interpretation of the ‘Goldbergs’. He did this by doing take after take, critiquing, refining, criticizing this and that, and then going at it again.

It’s all there on five discs in a large package. Besides the recordings, there’s a thick book of photos, documents and articles, an interview with studio engineer Howard H. Scott, and an 80 page guide listing every single take.

For those who can’t get enough of TORONTO’s classical superstar, and with plenty of time on their hands, this would seem to be a ‘must-have’.

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