On TORONTO’s waterfront, this group of rotating fan sculptures has been installed. It’s the work of Vancouver artist THENA TAK, and the public is welcome to wander through the assemblage. ‘Winter Fanfare‘ is part of the Waterfront Ice Breakers Festival, on until February 25.

The Spire of DUBLIN is a large, stainless steel, elongated cone, which can be seen from almost everywhere in the Irish capital. The Spire doesn’t seem to honour anyone or anything. It’s just there.

Cavalia Odysseo & the Canadian National Institute for the Blind gave a number of blind kids the thrill of their young lives this past summer. They were surrounded by horses under the big top in MISSISSAUGA, Ontario. “For them the sense of smell, feeling the hair and brushing them adds to their memory bank,” said Ruth Millard of the CNIB. <PHOTO – Toronto Sun>

When fire gutted the artsy Sag Harbor Cinema (everything but the sign) on LONG ISLAND, the populace, butcher, baker and candle-stick maker conjured up $8-million to restore the theatre so the town “wouldn’t become just another restaurant capital.”

It’s nearly impossible for first-time home buyers to get a foothold in EDINBURGH. The Scottish capital is a very popular tourism destination with its multitude of arts festivals. The city finds itself overrun with AirBnB’s, squeezing the locals out of the housing market. Average rental for a 2-bedroom flat stands at $1610 CAD per month. A one-bedroom $1200 CAD.

“MY WINNIPEG” or “WINNIPEG, MON AMOUR” is an exceptional movie about the prairie metropolis. Frigid in winter and a mosquito haven in summer, the city is home to, among other things, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, North America’s largest Icelandic community, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, and film director/producer GUY MADDIN. Maddin’s salute to his home town combines reality and fantasy in documentary style, and you’re never sure which is which. I’ve seen “My Winnipeg” several times.

PHOTO ABOVE – ‘This Is Winnipeg’ –


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