<The Netherlands’ Delta Works, the largest flood protection system in the world.>

Despite what Donald Trump says, 75% of the world’s megacities have been built in delta areas, and sea levels are rising. Houston, Calgary & TORONTO Island recently demonstrated what could happen in the not-too-distant future. It’s only a matter of time.

No country is more capable of dealing with the unpredictability of water than the Netherlands. In ROTTERDAM, one of the world’s largest seaports, developers, architects, designers and engineers are working on floating farms, watertight homes and entire floating neighbourhoods.

<The first Floating Farm will open in ROTTERDAM in 2018>

<A new sustainable floating neighbourhood could be under construction soon in Northern AMSTERDAM. 30 homes for 46 families, all with good views, connected by a jetty, and five houseboat types, adaptable to suit each family’s needs.>

<Recycled Floating Park in ROTTERDAM aims to retrieve plastic waste from the Nieuwe Maas river before it reaches the sea, and use it to create a park of plant and marine-friendly fauna.>

The Dutch have been in an endless battle against water, but over several decades have learned to live with it and to benefit from it. Forget about Trump and his disbelievers. Keep an eye on the Dutch – they’re safe, but vulnerable, and they know it.


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