What is CKDH you might ask? It was, and still is, a small-town radio station in AMHERST, Nova Scotia. After a lengthy career as a reporter, documentarian and news reader IAN HANOMANSING, born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, is now a co-anchor of CBC television’s The National – the network’s hour-long, prime time nightly newscast.  <ABOVE – Ian on the left is next to co-anchors Andrew Chang, Adrienne Arsenault & Rosemary Barton>

Beginning his broadcasting career at CKDH – “For somebody like me to walk in the door of a radio station, looking for a job with my long, unusual last name – not only did (Station Manager Geoff De Gannes) hire me, but not once did (he) suggest I change that last name to something that might be a little more radio friendly.” <PHOTO BELOW – IAN on the air at CKDH in 1979; photo Ron Bickle>

Hanomansing to De Gannes – “You gave me an opportunity that you didn’t have to. (The CKDH job) was essential to where I ended up.”

IAN walking into CKDH looking for a job in 1979, was preceded by your faithful ‘torontosavvy’ blogger 20 years earlier. I was in high school at the time, and managed to land a non-paying gig hosting a Saturday afternoon show for teens <PHOTO ABOVE, me at the mike in 1958>.

From there it was on to ‘The Malt Shop’, also for teenagers and then a Sunday shift that nobody else wanted, and after that Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, commercial radio and television in Montreal & Toronto, and finally 3 decades producing and directing public television.  It began for both of us in a 250-watt radio station (later 1,000-watts, and now 23,000 watts). We bow to you, CKDH!

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