Who is MARK TOWHEY? He was Chief of Staff to notorious TORONTO Mayor Rob Ford and author of ‘Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable’ published by Skyhorse Publishing in 2015. He was summarily fired in 2013.

<Mayor Ford and President Trump in TORONTO>. In a Buzzfeed article Mr. Towhey offers 13 pieces of advice to General JOHN KELLY, the U.S. president’s new Chief of Staff.  1 – Don’t try to change Donald Trump. He doesn’t fit the mold; 2 – Never doubt his mandate; 3 – Focus on the objective; 4 – Create a two-year game plan; 5 – Break the siege; 6 – Protect your staff; 7 – Etiquette matters; 8 – Trust your instincts; 9 – Give Trump answers, not options; 10 – Trust somebody; 11 – Plan your exit; 12 – Keep your resume up to date; 13 – Don’t break the law.

MARK TOWHEY on ROB FORD: “He routinely got into trouble for speaking his mind — was eccentric and unpredictable. The establishment and the mainstream media warred openly against him. He became a regular punchline on late night talk shows. He was the world’s most notorious mayor.”  The Buzzfeed article –

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