In the midst of a housing shortage after World War II, E.P. Taylor <PHOTO ABOVE>, a powerful businessman, bought two thousand acres of farmland.

From 1995 to 1965 Taylor’s companies changed that farmland into one of the world’s most innovative “New Towns”.  Within the community – 28,000 residents, over 70 industries, one of Canada’s earliest shopping centres, schools and recreation facilities.

DON MILLS was the first land development of its kind to be planned and funded by the private sector. Neighbourhoods were isolated from heavy traffic by looping roads and culs-de-sac. Light industry was allowed on the edges. Attention was paid to everything from the buildings, their exteriors and colours. Generous green space was provided.

Much of residential DON MILLS remains as it was built. The trees have grown taller, but the houses still have that 1950-60’s Modernist look.

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