The former Warden’s house is now Canada’s Penitentiary Museum, 55 King Street, KINGSTON

Crossbow made by inmates

‘The Box’ – a cruel form of solitary confinement

‘Kingston Penitentiary is On The Air’ with permission of the Commissioner of Penitentiaries and the Warden through the facilities of CKWS, your Kingston Station. Those words opened a half-hour variety show that went out each Saturday night during the summers of 1952-55.  The program included an emcee, a swing band called the Solitaires, singers, a western group called the Hay Shakers, and comedians.

Art created by prisoners

Straight Jacket

These tall easels were used to strap down prisoners when they were getting the lash. One is from the federal prison in DORCHESTER, New Brunswick.

Penitentiary Museum website –  At its peak there were ten (10!) penitentiaries operating in the KINGSTON area.

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