I checked things out last week and, believe me, OTTAWA, Canada’s capital, has never looked better.

<PHOTOS ABOVE – looking down on the National Gallery & the chapel of the former Rideau Street Convent, 1880’s, National Gallery of Canada.>

<PHOTOS – Ottawa’s oldest bar in the By Ward Market & Changing of the Guard, 10 am each morning on Parliament Hill.>

<PHOTOS ABOVE – locks leading up to the Rideau Canal & security bollards behind the American embassy provide a nifty protected bike path.>

<PHOTO – the splendid Library of Parliament, oldest building on The Hill>

<House of Commons>

<Prime Minister’s Office Building>

<The Senate>

<The Supreme Court of Canada>

<National War Memorial & the Chateau Laurier>

<PHOTO – a Parliament Hill gopherRoss Winter>

Surrounded by several miles of green space the capital is home to some of Canada’s finest museums, a thriving music scene, super places to eat, drink and shop, a new bike network, and at the centre of it all – Parliament Hill.

Driving from TORONTO to OTTAWA take the eastbound 401 to either picturesque Highway 115 north at KINGSTON; or the much faster 416 north to the 417 into downtown OTTAWA. Exit at Metcalfe Street, and be prepared for bike paths, one-way streets and no parking zones. Advice – check into your hotel, leave the car and walk or take public transit.


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