TORONTO’s mayor JOHN TORY is standing up for the City against provincial politicians when it comes to extending Line 1 into York Region. In short, he wants planning to pause until funds are forthcoming for a much-needed Downtown Relief Line (DRL).

The TORONTO Transit Commission (TTC) is very much involved in this. “If we are uncertain that the Relief Line will be funded or not, then why would we be devoting our time working on the Yonge Street north extension because the two are very much interconnected? That project is a regional project and it won’t do anything for commuters in the City of TORONTO. Not one thing,” Tory said. “The Relief Line must be well advanced and funded before we can even consider an expansion.  That extension will only add more passengers to the Yonge St. subway, and without relief, I can’t allow that to happen.” – MAYOR JOHN TORY

And here’s the rub – the extension project is backed by suburban politicians north of TORONTO, including influential Liberal cabinet ministers in Premier KATHLEEN WYNNE’s government.  Ouch!

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