<Pierre Berton, Fred Davis, Betty Kennedy and Gordon Sinclair on CBC’s nationally televised “Front Page Challenge”, on air from 1957-1995 – a record>

The recent death of broadcaster BETTY KENNEDY at the age of 91 inspired me to look back at the earliest days of Canadian television. A broadcasting pioneer, Ms. Kennedy was the only female panelist on CBC television’s “Front Page Challenge”, from 1962-1995.

<Indian Head test pattern.  In the 1950’s programming began around 4pm; signoff was midnight>

The only Canadian networks were the CBC and Radio-Canada. A few local stations had connections to the national nets, but many did not. These small-market stations with many hours to fill, built their own star systems, and waited patiently for a microwave hookup.

<CHEK-tv, Victoria, British Columbia – quite an advanced setup for 1957>

<Marconi television sets, 1950’s, made in Montreal>

<A Dumont studio camera, 1950’s>

<The Dipsy Doodlers, CJON-tv, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 1957>

<The Bunkhouse Boys, CKCW-tv, Moncton, New Brunswick, 1950’s>

<“At Home with Mary Ashwell”, CFPL-tv, London, Ontario, 1955>

<Videotape was born – a revolutionary new process for recording and reproducing the sound and picture of television programs on magnetic tape – Ampex Corporation, 1957>

<Swimwear fashion show on CKCW-tv, Moncton, New Brunswick, 1957>

<Channel ID’s often featured a station’s mascot>

<Nople Bircumshaw and the lion cub, CHCT-tv, Calgary, Alberta, 1957>

<In the 1950’s television was taking over.>


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