mountedforms1Top dollar for a Canadian work of art was reached in TORONTO when “Mounted Forms” by Lawren Harris sold for $11.21-million CAD. This includes an 18% buyer’s premium which goes to Heffel Fine Arts. The 90-year-old painting surpassed its expected sale price of between $3-million and $5-million.

roadtolls2Mayor JOHN TORY says “I am ready to lead,” when it comes to road tolls. Despite the whinging of some 905ers who commute from outside city limits and drive on city highways (the Don Valley Parkway & Gardiner Expressway) maintained by city property taxes, reaction so far has been surprisingly positive.

The proposed toll of around $2 could raise $200-million annually for a city which has roughly $33-billion in future projects and needs capital to pay for them. The Mayor is betting his career on the outcome.

NOVEMBER 29, 2015, TORONTO; The 49th annual Cavalcade of Lights celebration presented by Great Gulf kicked off the holiday season on Saturday night, This holiday tradition at Nathan Phillips Square featured the first illumination of Toronto’s official Christmas Tree, performances by some of Canada’s top musical talent, a spectacular fireworks show and skating parties.

TORONTO kicked off its 49th Cavalcade of Lights this week at Nathan Phillips Square.  The annual event also included the official lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.


Several American cities are embracing a Soda Tax as a new way to raise much-needed funds and to combat obesity.

On board so far – San Francisco, Oakland, Albany Calif., Cook County Illinois, Santa Fe and Philadelphia. Others are thinking about it. Maybe there’s something in this idea for TORONTO and its beleaguered budget.

ceiling1The ceiling of the former Central Library, now the University of TORONTO’s bookstore, College Street at McCaul.

royalalex2“Come From Away” opened at the refurbished Royal Alexandra Theatre and became an instant smash hit.  The Canadian/American musical has already played in La Jolla, Seattle and Washington DC.  It’s on its way to Broadway, and will be in TORONTO for the next two months.

telegrambldg1From the City of TORONTO Archives – a 1950’s photo of the Telegram Building at Bay and Melinda Street.

notfair1TORONTO’s transit system is being short-changed by the federal and provincial governments. The amount of cash per rider the feds and the province chip in to fund our system, over and above what passengers put into the fare box, is a pittance.

By comparison – Chicago gets $2.04US per fare drop; Boston $2.12; Los Angeles $3.00; New York City $1.52; Vancouver $1.86; Calgary $1.69; York Region (the 905 Toronto suburban region) a whopping $4.56; Montreal + or – $1.25; and TORONTO itself a penny-pinching 90 cents per rider. We’re being hosed.

volleyball1End of the Volleyball Season in the Beaches neighbourhood – photo by Bryan Blenkin


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