rarebooklibrary1Much of the late LEONARD COHEN’s life’s work is in the vaults of the University of TORONTO’s Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. The collection contains more than 100 self-portraits, countless hand written notes, letters to family and friends, fan mail, early drafts of his work, a 1960’s experimental novel ‘Beautiful Losers‘ and a 1956 poetry book ‘Let Us Compare Mythologies’.

Cohen sold some of his earliest papers to the University in the 1960’s and continued donating his archives in the years to come. <PHOTO – University of Toronto>

immigration1On US Election Night, Canada Immigration’s website crashed. As Donald Trump’s numbers climbed, so did American interest in relocating to the Great White North.

The top story on Business Insider lately has been “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen.”

nbcttc3Who’d have imagined a partnership like this? The National Ballet of Canada and the TORONTO Transit Commission have teamed up to get people thinking more about public transit and our excellent ballet company. Roughly 40% of the National Ballet’s revenue comes from box office sales and subscriptions. The National Ballet’s goal is to up those numbers. The company performs at the Four Seasons Centre which has a TTC subway stop, and many of its young dancers take public transit daily.

The TTC has been partnering with organizations and events since last year’s Pan American/Parapan Am Games, the Raptors, Maple Leafs, Toronto FC and the Blue Jays.

wong-tam1City councillor KRISTYN WONG-TAM doesn’t mince words when it comes to sharing the spoils of development in her Ward 27 with suburbia. She represents a district where 18,200 condo units are either in the planning or construction stages. She believes downtown developer’s fees should not go into general revenues – and in short – what’s generated downtown should stay downtown.

POPULATION1“Downtown infrastructure has not kept pace with development,” she says. “Our kids have no place to run and play, our schools are at capacity, and yet we’re still wedging 100,000 residents a year into the GTA, most of whom are going to locate in the core.”

Ms. Wong-Tam notes that the core generates the lion’s share of TORONTO’s GDP. “If you don’t have a prosperous and vibrant downtown you’ll choke the goose that lays the golden egg.”

snoopdogg1SNOOP DOGG says “F–k this s–t. I’m going to the 6ix”. Translation: “To heck with this, I’m moving to TORONTO”. He’s looking for a ‘crib’ in his new-home-to-be and wants some help from DRAKE finding “a hookup on some property”.36hours1TORONTO and its ‘energetic food scene’ got a one-page writeup by Jeremy Egner in the New York Times.  “With (3.5-million) residents, it’s one of the biggest cities in North America, although it hardly feels like it. Even more so than New York, this famously diverse city is less a metropolis than a patchwork of distinct neighbourhoods linked by a live-and-let-live-ethos and a vibrant street culture.

Long recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world,
TORONTO has only recently started receiving the attention it deserves as a tourist destination.”
Read the entire article at®ion=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront

deadstate1<From DEADSTATE – the human condition from a Los Angeles perspective>

metro2metro4Average rental prices for downtown TORONTO apartments in mid-2016 were $1,425 for a bachelor and $1,710 for a one bedroom. Over a single year the cost of property rose by 10%. By some estimates, 10 years from now a single-family home in the city will cost upwards of $2.5-million.

One possible solution – think small. The TINY HOUSE MOVEMENT is growing in Ontario.

Tiny House Movement website –

wong-tam2In the revised list of ward boundaries TORONTO’s downtown core picks up 3 new seats. With a population of nearly 250,000 the inner city will now have a total of 6 councillors, which could be a plus in the day-to-day battle with the suburbs. Core residents tend to look at city life differently than those in the outer regions. They’ll now have a stronger voice.

It’s about time.

economist1economist2This week THE ECONOMIST chirped “Liberty Moves North” about the many attributes of us!

“In this depressing company of wall-builders, door-slammers and drawbridge-raisers, CANADA stands out as a heartening exception. It happily admits more than 300,000 immigrants a year, nearly 1% of its population—a higher proportion than any other big, rich country—and has done so for two decades . . . . (Of course) it is easier to be relaxed about immigration when your only land border is protected by a wall the size of the United States.”

Read the entire article at

shockawe5Le Journal de Montreal‘s reaction to November 8.  Trump is moving in to the Maison-Blanche!  Whoda thought?


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