queenspk1queenspk2Once the site of King’s College, which was founded during the reign of George IV, and then the University Asylum for the Insane which remained there for 30 years, Queen’s Park is now home to the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

The Assembly consists of One House (107 seats), and the Lieutenant-Governor.  The Assembly itself is housed in the ‘palace’, with the various ministries scattered around and about.

queenspk3The building, officially opened in 1893, named in honour of Queen Victoria, is the centrepiece of TORONTO’s government precinct. Self-guided tours are available, and the public is invited to sit in on legislative sessions.

queenspk4queenspk10At the rear of the building is one of the city’s most beautiful parks.  On the west side – the University of Toronto’s St. George campus.

queenspk8queenspk6QUEEN’S PARK is divided into two sections. The southern half belongs to the Government of Ontario. The northern part is owned by the University of TORONTO, and was leased to the city in 1854 for 999 years.  The entire complex sits in the middle of downtown TORONTO.  Well worth a visit.

queenspk12For more information on the building, tours and Queen’s Park check the website: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/home.do


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