streetgallery1A Parliament Street construction hoarding made my day.  Hanging on a plywood wall was a photograph taken in the subway, framed and neatly labelled #Street Gallery. It’s great knowing that someone in TORONTO did this for the pleasure of passers-by.

dawn3LARRY GORDON is out taking photos of TORONTO before most of us wake up. The city has a unique personality in the pre-dawn hours, says Larry. “There’s a beauty at this time of day that we don’t see because of all the commotion.”

crowsnest1After 33 years Crow’s Theatre gets a permanent $11-million home in LESLIEVILLE. The indie company’s Crowsnest has settled into the first floor of a Streetcar condo development just east of the Don Valley at 345 Carlaw Avenue, and will soon announce its first season – 11 productions – beginning in January, 2017.

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