canada2Lonely Planet names CANADA the #1 travel destination for 2017. The travel media publisher cites the country’s 150th anniversary, its cities’ livability rankings and a low Canadian dollar. Alex Howard, Canada’s destination editor said “it’s the country’s biggest birthday party in recent memory with the sesquicentennial next year. They won’t be shy about celebrating. Now is the time to start planning a trip.”

streetgallery1A Parliament Street construction hoarding made my day.  Hanging on a plywood wall was a photograph taken in the subway, framed and neatly labelled #Street Gallery. It’s great knowing that someone in TORONTO did this for the pleasure of passers-by.


Miss General Idea dons her glad rags again. The TORONTO artist group General Idea makes its Latin American debut this month at the Museo Jumex (October 27 to February 12/2017) in MEXICO CITY. The groups 1970’s works parodied the art world and mimicked popular culture, magazine formats and beauty pageants.

From Mexico the show goes on to BUENOS AIRES‘ Latin American Art Museum.

dawn3LARRY GORDON is out taking photos of TORONTO before most of us wake up. The city has a unique personality in the pre-dawn hours, says Larry. “There’s a beauty at this time of day that we don’t see because of all the commotion.”

crowsnest1After 33 years Crow’s Theatre gets a permanent $11-million home in LESLIEVILLE. The indie company’s Crowsnest has settled into the first floor of a Streetcar condo development just east of the Don Valley at 345 Carlaw Avenue, and will soon announce its first season – 11 productions – beginning in January, 2017.

CRANESEnough is finally enough apparently.  TORONTO’s Chief Planner JENNIFER KEESMAAT says the city is ready to stand up to the deluge of developments on Yonge Street.  “We’ve done a great job of attracting growth.  Now what we need are policies to do the opposite, so that growth doesn’t override our quality of life,” she told Metro News.

“We’re going to move quickly to make it clear to the industry that (over development) is (no longer) acceptable.”



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