necropolis9As necropoli go, the TORONTO Necropolis is a small one. Opened in 1850 to replace the ‘Strangers Burying Ground’ or Potter’s Field, this cemetery is the final resting place for 50,000.

necropolis1necropolis6A number of those buried here have famous names – William Lyon Mackenzie, TORONTO’s first mayor and leader of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion; George Brown, a Father of Confederation; Roy Brown, a fighter pilot credited with shooting down the Red Baron; Ned Hanlan, world champion oarsman; Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbott, first Canadian-born black surgeon; Kay Christie, Canadian nursing sister in Hong Kong during the Japanese invasion; John Ross Robertson, newspaperman; and on and on and on.

necropolis4necropolis2For the full Necropolis experience go on a day of drizzle, fog and dark shadows like I did. I met four individuals coming out of the fog, and I must admit that was just a little bit spooky.

necropolis8necropolis10       <PHOTO – entrance to the Necropolis after a snow storm>  The TORONTO Necropolis is located at 200 Winchester Street, opposite Riverdale Farm.

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