TORONTO1The Globe and Mail reports that TORONTO has become a popular destination for American expat professionals. American KAREN GREVE-YOUNG – “It had all of my favourite ingredients of Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York and London – all the great cities I’ve lived in – in a bizarrely accessible way for a city of its size.”

Ms. Greve-Young is among a growing number of Americans looking for international experience in Canada, and specifically TORONTO. Since 2010, according to a recent study by LinkedIn, the third most popular, long-term destination for US expatriates has been TORONTO, behind only London and Sydney.

skunk1Mike McMillan, on his way to a meeting with the mayor of ORILLIA, bravely helped rescue a skunk whose head was stuck in a Coke can. He calmly begged the skunk not to spray him as he slowly approached and – with a back-and-forth movement – pulled the can off. The grateful skunk then ran away.

WHITEHORSE, CANADA - SEPTEMBER 28: (NO UK SALES FOR 28 DAYS) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit Montana mountain Carcross on September 28, 2016 in Whitehorse, Canada. (Photo by Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage)

The Duchess of Cambridge gave a big boost to TORONTO designer SENTALER when she wore the company’s signature ribbed sleeve alpaca coat in gull grey. The $1,195 jacket sold out immediately, with pre-orders up to February 2017. Kate’s earrings were by Canadian designer Shelly Silversmith.

BOJANA SENTALER, said she was “honoured” that Catherine chose to wear the coat while visiting the Yukon. And yes, they do ship to the UK.

<PHOTO ABOVE – Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage>

doing603An optical illusion created by the setting sun on a Wellesley Street building.  Art is where you find it.

map1Republican candidate for president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has a unique view of the world.

scotties1Some levity in the bus shelter from Canada’s Scotties‘the tissue for any issue’.


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