rentals1When it comes to rental units TORONTO now has too much demand for too little supply.  “What’s going on is absolutely crazy,” says real estate agent DENA SHIFF. “If a unit is listed at $1500, tenants are offering $1600 or more, with four months down, six months down. Some tenants want the unit so badly they’ll offer a full year down.”

Some units are renting for hundreds of dollars over the asking price. $3500, $4500, $5500 monthly rates are becoming much more common.


At the Toronto International Film Festival’s ‘Midnight Madness’ series ‘RAW’, a new film by Julia Ducournau, was too much for a couple of patrons who passed out during the screening. Paramedics and an ambulance were called to the Ryerson Theatre.

Storyline capsule – a vegetarian turns herself into a blood-thirsty cannibal.

dougford2The ‘wolf in wolf’s clothing’, according to columnist Edward Keenan, DOUG FORD resurfaced to launch a book he co-authored with his late brother, former mayor Rob Ford.

Doug predicts “it will be a best seller. It’s going to rock the media world, it’s going to rock the political world. Boy, it’s going to be an eyeopener.”

hmcs_ville_de_quebec_-_10-sep-2016HMCS Ville de Quebec docked at TORONTO’s Sugar Beach for a couple of days, and then went on to Brockville and Quebec City.  The ship is a Halifax-class frigate – backbone of the Canadian naval fleet and capable of a full range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to deterrence and combat operations.

queensquay1<QUEENS QUAY, 1946 – Royal York Hotel on the left, and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, then the tallest building in town at 34 storeys, on the right – PHOTO Vintage Toronto>


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