POORHOUSE2POORHOUSE1It’s harder to afford a home in TORONTO than at any point in the last 25 years, according to a Royal Bank of Canada study released this week.  A lack of supply and overwhelming demand is driving the surge.” – Toronto Metro

ARTTREASURE1Art Nouveau stylized maple leaves created by GUSTAV HAHN in 1893 have been uncovered in the ceiling of the Ontario legislative assembly in TORONTO. Hidden from view for more than a century, the four-panel mural was protected by layers of horse hair, canvas and white paint. The orange and green maple leaves look as fresh as if Hahn had painted them last week. <PHOTO – Toronto Star/Metro>   The German-born Hahn, who died in 1962 at the age of 96, was an important early TORONTO muralist whose work can be found in many churches and public buildings, including Old City Hall and Spadina House.

AUCKLAND1AUCKLAND, New Zealand <PHOTO ABOVE> has overtaken TORONTO to become the world’s top destination for luxury housing, according to a survey by Christie’s International Real Estate.

ZEBRA2REY, an endangered Grevy’s Zebra is another new baby born at the TORONTO Zoo this summer. Wasting no time, the little one was on its feet 10 minutes after arriving, and is now developing a “strong and confident” personality.

PROPELLER1PROPELLER, 30 Abell Street, 20 years old and artist-run, is open again after a month of renovation.  Abell Street is a block west of The Theatre Centre/south of the Drake Hotel.

BBC1 NewYorkTimesLogoThe New York Times & the BBC Announce Plans To Expand To Canada.
The BBC will open a news bureau in TORONTO and launch a Canadian edition of its news website.  The New York Times is recruiting journalists in both Australia and Canada, and laying the groundwork for local newsrooms.

HARPER1Former Prime Minister STEPHEN HARPER has given up his seat in Parliament and resigned from public life.  During his second term – a marjority government – he’ll be remembered for disregarding the financial needs of Ontario, the undignified treatment of our premier, under-funding infrastructure, public transit, social housing, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, towns and cities, shutting down Parliament twice, reluctantly accepting the possibility of global warming, and generally acting like ‘the king of Canada’.

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