PICTON is The County’s largest unincorporated community. The town, originally named HALLOWELL, was settled in the 1780’s by Loyalists from America’s Thirteen Colonies.

It was in PICTON that Sir John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, managed a law office for his uncle. Pay your respects to Sir John on Main Street in front of The Armoury.

<Set for ‘HMS Pinafore’, Regent Theatre, PICTON>

PICTON’s historic REGENT THEATRE is the arts centre for The County. This rare example of an intact Edwardian opera house presents a mixture of music, first-run movies and live theatre. It boasts one of the largest stages in Eastern Ontario and a 62-foot fly tower. Designed by TORONTO architects Warrington & Page, the Regent opened its doors in 1922.

PICTON’s CRYSTAL PALACE is a replica of London’s original. Built in 1887 this smaller version in yellow and green is the only one of its kind left in North America. Over six years from 1990-96 this historic and architecturally significant building was carefully restored.  <INTERIOR PHOTO by Ross Winter>

FLOWER10PICTON’S restaurants – there are several. One of the finest in Ontario is located just down Highway #49 from the Crystal Palace. The BLUMEN GARDEN INN is outstanding and reservations are recommended at 613-476-0841.

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