BIKESHARE1 They’re popping up in parks and on street corners from the Wychwood Barns to subway stations to Cabbagetown, Riverdale and Liberty Village. Thanks to the TORONTO Parking Authority, Metrolinx, Bike Share and TD Bank, 120 new stations should be fully functional by July 11.

BIKESHARE5BIKESHARE2  A new supplier has taken over. Quebec-based PBSC Urban Solutions already functions in Montreal, New York, San Francisco and London. It’s been integrating TORONTO’s old bike-sharing system with brand new pay stations and docks, allowing check-outs with a mobile app, Presto cards and VISA. Temporary bike docks will be installed at popular events like music festivals.

BIKESHARE7And how about this – to celebrate the launch, Leo Burnett Advertising and Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank came up with a rainbow bike collection in time for Pride Weekend. These stunning two-wheelers can be found at the Bloor and Wellesley subway stations.  PBSC CEO Luc Sabbatini – “You don’t want to go the moon. You just want to ride a bike and you want that bike to be there when you need it.”

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