ANTARCTICA1It’s deep winter in the Antarctic, bringing with it bitter cold and howling winds that make flying there almost impossible. CALGARY-based airline KENN BOREK AIR – ‘anytime, anyplace, worldwide’ – undertook the rescue of two ill Americans from the US Amundsen-Scott South Polar Station <PHOTO BELOW – David McCarthy AFP/Getty Images>.  Landing in frigid temperatures with a wind chill of -113 degrees Fahrenheit the evacuation went off without a hitch.

This handout photo dated 31 October 2002 shows an aerial view of the new elevated station (bottom-C) being built at the US Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. The new station, scheduled to be completed in 2007, is elevated to allow snow to drift underneath and is capable of being jacked up higher as snow accumulates. The new base will replace previous bases already buried under snow, with the original 1957 base about 10 meters (36 feet) under and the current dome base (pictured far L) also becoming buried. AFP PHOTO/USAF-NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION/HO (Photo credit should read DAVID MCCARTHY/AFP/Getty Images)

The Twin Otter aircraft is the only type of plane in the world capable of operating in polar midwinter temperatures.  On the return journey, flying 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometres) for 10 hours through the polar night, the mercy flight landed at a British base on the tip of Antarctica.  Both individuals have now been transported to a hospital in CHILE. ANTARCTICA8

This very dangerous mission has been given much attention by the US media, with scarce mention of CANADA (thanks NPR) or the unique flying abilities of KENN BOREK AIR.

ANTARCTICA7<PHOTOS ABOVE – loading for the return journey & ready for takeoff.  Well done Canada! David McCarthy, AFP/Getty Images>

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