TRUMP1But he settled for this instead. Trump’s triplex is a marble-and-onyx-covered ode to Versailles that he calls “comfortable modernism.” It is a $100 million penthouse that sits atop the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue. PHOTO – Scott Frances/Otto

TRUMP2If nothing else Donald Trump will be remembered for his quotes – just like a certain mayor TORONTO once had. To quote The Donald . . . “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.” . . . . . “Bing bing, bong bong, bing bing bing” – Lincoln Day speech on political lobbying, 2015 . . .  . . “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning.” . . . . . . “They’re remaking ‘Indiana Jones’ without Harrison Ford, you can’t do that. And now they’re making ‘Ghostbusters’ with only women. What’s going on?”

FLAG3“I love Neil Young, and he loves me! We have a great relationship.”
“”With Canada, you’re talking about a massively long piece (of wall). You’re talking about a border that would be about four times longer (than Mexico’s). It would be very, very hard to do.”  <BELOW – “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”Graeme MacKay, Hamilton Spectator/editorial cartoon>Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator - Wednesday February 10, 2016 Poll: Trump, Sanders lead ahead of New Hampshire's vote Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican race in New Hampshire on the eve of the vote, the final CNN/WMUR tracking poll finds. On the Democratic side of the race, it remains Bernie Sanders' primary to lose, with the Vermont senator holding a 26-point lead over Hillary Clinton. The field of candidates vying for a second place finish behind him is finally beginning to separate, according to the survey. Trump holds 31%, down two points from the February 3-6 release, but within the poll's margin of sampling error. READ: The full CNN/WMUR tracking poll results Behind him, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio earned 17% support -- within the margin of sampling error of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 14%, but significantly ahead of the fourth and fifth place candidates in the poll, Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 10% and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 7%. Behind Bush, Carly Fiorina stands at 5%, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 4% and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 3%. Aside from Trump, none of the Republican candidates moved more than 1 point in either direction compared with the previous CNN/WMUR tracking poll. About three-quarters of the interviews conducted for this poll were completed before the Republican candidates debated Saturday night, their final such match-up before Tuesday's election. Although the post-debate sample size is too small to produce a separate estimate of the vote, interviews conducted Sunday and Monday found no drop in support for Rubio, and actually showed a slimmer margin between Trump and Rubio. There has been little movement in the last two days in the other metrics tested in the survey, with about two-thirds still saying they expect to see Trump win on Tuesday (64%), and about a third saying they would never vote for Trump (32%). (Source: CNN) http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/08/politics/donald-trump-bernie-sa

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