Thanks to The Beaver, a queer bar/restaurant, 1192 Queen Street West, an idea put forth by designer ROB SHOSTAK, is now reality. A replica logo in the window pays tribute to Orlando’s PULSE gay nightclub.  On his Instagram site Mr. Shostak writes “This is Pulse. Every queer space is Pulse. When one of our safe spaces is attacked, all of our safe spaces are attacked.  The Beaver is my local bar. I’ve been going there for 10 years ever since I moved here, and it’s a space where I feel at home. In the end, every queer space is a Pulse.”  <PHOTO ABOVE – Rob Shostak/Instagram>


DOLLYPARTON1DOLLY PARTON in TORONTO this week: “I really feel bad that things are going on like that in this world.  I guess it’s always been crazy, it just seems to be getting so much worse now.  “I do have a gay following.  I’m a patron saint for a lot of drag queens.  Some of them look more like me than I do.  I once lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest on Hallowe’een.  As far as what happened in ORLANDO, it’s horrible.  It’s a hate crime, looks to me . . . We should love one another more.”

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