RICHARDJOHNSON9For the last nine years RICHARD JOHNSON has been taking pictures of ice huts – those little cabins found on the frozen waters of Canada’s northland. The huts are occupied by local anglers, who while away the hours hoping for a nibble on their fishing lines dropped through a hole in the ice “floor”.

Ice Hut 504, Shields, Blackstrap Lake, Saskatchewan, 2011 - From the Series "Ice Huts" by Richard Johnson © 2007-2011 Richard Johnson Photography Inc, www.icehuts.ca, 416-755-7742

<Ice Hut # 504, Shields, Blackstrap Lake, Saskatchewan, 2011>

RICHARDJOHNSON5<Ice Hut # 497, Anglin Lake, Saskatchewan, 2011>  Inside it’s cozy and warm; outside temperatures can sometimes hover around -40°. With a stiff wind blowing there’s a real danger out there of frost bite, and winter storms can move in without warning.

Ice Hut # 321-La Baie Des Ha! Ha!, Quebec, 2010 - From the Series "Ice Huts" by Richard Johnson - www.icehuts.ca

Ice Hut # 321, La Baie Des Ha! Ha!, Quebec, 2010; ALL IMAGES © Richard Johnson

RICHARDJOHNSON2<Ice Hut # 665, Deer Lake, Newfoundland, 2014>

RICHARDJOHNSON1Richard Johnson’s TORONTO gallery and digital photo printing centre is located at 894 Broadview Avenue, a short walk north of Danforth Avenue. You’ll find more ice hut photography at http://www.icehuts.ca  . . . .  ALL IMAGES © Richard Johnson

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